The Ten Major Keys of Excel

About ten years ago, I got my first real taste of “coding” during an automation project where I had to use Excel VBA (although I heavily abused the Macro Recorder tool).

I thought I’d share the major concepts with you to help you be great the fast way.

Here are the most important tools to understand, from most common to least common:

  1. Insert > List (sort and filter)
  2. Vlookup function (and its less popular twin, Hlookup)
  3. Absolute references ($)
  4. If function: create logical and conditional expressions
  5. Formatting: colors, borders, conditional formatting, alignment, wrap, merge
  6. Sumifs: create conditional formulas
  7. Insert > Table > Recommended Charts (the fastest way to visualize data)
  8. Pivot Tables: See data from multiple dimensions including sum, count, and average
  9. Macro Recorder: record your actions instead of writing code
  10. Visual Basic Editor (VBE): write code


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