Why do I Teach Math?

First of all, I’m not a math teacher anymore. I’m a tutor. But why do I still continue to “teach” math, years after leaving education?

As an engineer, one thing I realize is that math is the foundation and core of applied science. Math is exact. No math, no answers. Kiss those problem sets goodbye.

As someone from a less than advantaged background, I realize that spreading math proficiency is the simplest way to level the playing field in our increasingly technological economy. Not chemistry, biology, or even physics.

Why? Not because we’ll all have jobs as mathematicians, but because it teaches you a certain way of thinking. It’s kinda like chess in that way.

As I hinted at earlier, it’s also the gateway to the other technical fields. You don’t need math skills to code. But it does help you learn how to problem solve. And in an increasingly problematic world, we’re going to need people who can find reliable answers.

For example, the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence appear to rely heavily on my favorite math: statistics. It’s not that stats is my favorite math subject (in fact, I don’t even teach it) – it’s just the most powerful and practical in my opinion.

When it comes to real-world applications and predictive power, you can’t beat stats. Even our modern scientific studies lean on stats for validation of their results.

So that’s why I teach math. To equip and arm the next generation with the skills they’ll need in the future to the best of my ability. Not just for high school and college, but for life. Because good habits and approaches have a way of translating into other areas.

Class dismissed.


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