Marketing Tips Part 2: Differences between Facebook Ads & Google Ads

I love Google, but Facebook is a beast too for marketing. Facebook ads can be 10x cheaper: $1/click vs $10/click. Google is search based. Facebook is interest based.

Facebook seems more lenient with letting ads show. Facebook also makes re-targeting ads easier (no 1,000 visitor requirement like Google has for RLSA).

Both have the “campaign, ad group/set, and ad” hierarchical structure, but Google’s ad groups are based on closely-related keywords. Facebook’s ad sets are based on: common targeting settings, budget and schedule.

Facebook helps you target a specific type of person. Google helps you target specific search phrases. I think of Facebook as good for getting attention at the top of the funnel, while Google is good for targeting buyers at the bottom of the funnel (see the @larrykim strategy).

Both offer multiple types of ad products across multiple platforms. Google has Google search, YouTube, Gmail, Google Play apps etc. Facebook has Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.

If I was just starting out or didn’t have a big budget, I’d start learning on Facebook. It’s way cheaper and more user friendly. Facebook pixel events are easier to set up and track than Google Analytics events, although you get much less detailed data.

Facebook also has quick-start options for making ads without the complexity. Facebook requires you to make a (business) Page to run ads. It comes with free analytics tools. I wouldn’t expect your business page to get the same organic (free) reach as a personal profile page.

FB Business page reach is only about 1-2% of your audience. Be smart and get them on your email list so you can market to them for free. What differences have you noticed?

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