Marketing Tips Part 3: SEO Tools

If you have a website, I hope you know how to use Google Analytics or an equivalent… I have a suspicion that most people don’t see the full picture of what they’re doing.

Google Tag Manager helps you track successful sessions without hard coding all the elements on your site. This is anything that meets your business goals like a sale (they hit the receipt page) or a contact form submission. You’re trying to see where your best customers come from.

Google Search Console shows you which keywords and pages bring organic visitors to your site. This is important because organic search traffic is free and is usually over half of your web traffic. You want to find ways to maximize your free traffic. This is a profitable channel.

Google Optimize helps you test different versions of your web pages to maximize conversion rates (sales, leads etc.). It lets you AB test different variants to see which accomplishes your goals better, based on what you’ve defined in Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics as goals.

If you have shopping cart software, Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce allows you to track your sales (transactions) data inside your reports. This lets you identify which marketing channels bring you in the most money (email, organic search, paid search, social, referral, PPC).

Google Analytics’ landing page vs goals report shows you which page leads to the most leads and sales. Inspect your best landing page with Hotjar (install with Google Tag Manager) to see where people are clicking, hovering and scrolling on your top page.

You can get more cross-tool reporting using Google Data Studio. No need to export everything into Excel and make your own charts manually.

Run tests in Google Optimize to see which changes you can make to your top landing page in order to create higher conversion rates further down the funnel.

Once you’ve basically maximized your improvements, move on to your second best landing page.

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