Marketing Tips Part 13: The Top Channels where I’ve seen Results

I was thinking of what would be most helpful for new business owners to know and here’s where I’ve seen the biggest results online:

– SEO: This is great for helping your audience find you for the business terms that you really want to be known for by making informative content. To enhance your SEO, I’d use a WordPress website with the Yoast plugin. Check your Google Search Console for insights. Learn from Neil Patel and Brian Dean.
– Amazon: I didn’t do a scientific study, but the comparison between what I’ve seen on Amazon vs. a website is like 100x. You have options: Physical or digital products. A normal Seller account or FBA. Advertising on Amazon or ads to your own website. The amount of traffic on here is ridiculous and customer reviews are a goldmine.
– Facebook. There have been algorithm changes, but Facebook can still be great for you. Engage people and convert them into fans. Start Groups and nurture your audience. Host chats and giveaways. It’s great for meeting people where they are and building bonds.
– Live chat. If you don’t have this on your website, you’re probably leaving money on the table. Convenience kills, and if people can interact with you quickly and effortlessly, they’re more likely to convert. A similar option is integrating Facebook Messenger into your website.

That’s it. I’ve worked with several different Marketing channels, but for me personally those have been the most impactful and they’re all free or inexpensive. Obviously, you can use ads to scale. You can write killer emails that convert. You can create great sales funnels.

But these are the areas that I’ve found to have the biggest direct impact on my results. It’ll probably be different for you, but this could be a starting point if you were looking for ideas on things to try out.


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