Marketing Tips Part 15: AR (Augmented Reality)

So I got into AR through a coding group I met at a Meetup. It’s pretty cool stuff. I first got interested after hearing about Nipsey’s smart store. The app I made was created with @unity3d and works using the same concept: set a target image as a trigger to show your video.

It was kinda of tough because of the complex configuration and I’d never done much programming for phones before, but it was cool. I had to use Android Studio. The idea was to use technology interact with and respond to real-world objects.

Still think it’s a dope idea and hope to put my app out there (when people stop dragging their feet…) Anyway, it’s not easy but it’s not so hard that nobody can do it. It does help if you can code in C# (the Unity language) so that you can really customize things. I can’t.

There are lots of other things you can do, but I haven’t seen a better example than Pokemon Go. I expect these apps to keep growing over time as the tech gets better. It just seems so cool, new, and convenient. For retailers, it’s a great way to share exclusive content to get people to show up to your stores while surprising and delighting them with something fresh that they can’t access anywhere else.

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