Marketing Tips Part 6: Analyzing your Marketing channels in Google Analytics

Once you’ve successfully set up your goals (see my previous threads), you need to see which sources, mediums, and pages are responsible for the bulk of your valuable website activity.

Odds are your best source will be organic traffic from Google if you blog, but it depends on where you’ve been most active and valuable. Are you writing great emails? Are you getting good engagement on social? Are you doing SEO on your top pages? Optimizing above the fold?

Which locations are you most effective in? (Check your goals dashboard.) All of this information will also inform your advertising strategy, since you already know what’s working organically. Connect to your audience with messaging that shows how well you understand them.

Bonus points for trying Larry Kim’s inverted unicorn method using intersecting interests. Also try his FB ads to RLSA method. Knowing what’s already working well for you helps you decide where to focus next, what to test, what to continue, and what to stop.

For more info, check out:

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