Marketing Tips Part 7: Choosing your website’s (Business) goals in Google Analytics

In a recent thread, I mentioned how tracking and increasing the number of successful website sessions (where your goals were accomplished) is more important than just viewing “traffic” to your website.

Here are some examples of goals that I’d set up if I were just getting started. I’ll add more as they come to mind:

  • form
  • submissions
  • blog comments
  • sales (aka “transactions” via Enhanced Ecommerce)
  • clicked phone links
  • clicked email links

Basically, you want to track anything that directly adds value to your business. Or if indirect, has as high a correlation as possible. This usually means getting some form of contact information or a sale.

You might also want to include add to cart and checkout if you’re re-targeting ads.

I try to avoid vanity metrics like pageviews. A possible exception could be if they visit a page so specific that it makes sense for you to re-target them with ads because they’re a warm prospect.

Remember, there are four different kinds of goals you can set: Destination (URL visits) Events (actions taken such as clicks, etc.) Duration (time spent on a page) Pages per session So you can get creative when it comes to setting them. I almost always use events.

Outside of helping you focus your organic strategy, goals also help you set up and optimize your conversion tracking for Google Ads: Measure the most engaged visits to your website and turn those visits into Goals. Then use those Goals to improve your Google Ads bidding.

Google Ads can use machine learning to optimize your ads to show to the audience most likely to convert (based on whatever goals you’ve chosen). So without setting up your goals, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table.

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