Marketing Tips Part 9: Why I’m testing out chatbots with FB Messenger ads

If you’ve looked into engagement rates, you’ve probably heard that there are better channels out there than email. For example, text message marketing.

Well, @LarryKim swears by chatbots and I’m curious to try them out for myself. For example, chatbots on Facebook Messenger ads.

Larry Kim runs @MobileMonkey. I was looking through his site the other day and he mentioned a few interesting things:

  • You can retarget ads using chatbots.
  • Chatbots have a crazy high engagement rate.
  • Chatbots are automated 24/7.
  • You can take over the chatbot conversation if you need to.
  • You can respond to questions by creating FAQ answers.
  • Chatbots can appear on Facebook and on your website.
  • Chatbots help avoid unread messages.
  • Overly complex questions can be forwarded to a human.
  • Chatbots don’t just get contact info: they qualify leads instantly with automatic responses.
  • Use “Send to messenger” FB ads for a “100%” conversion rate.
  • People who opt-in to your messenger updates are automatically subscribed to your Facebook page messages.
  • FB chatbots grab contact info as soon as someone responds: profile photo, first and last name, gender, language, location, country.
  • Larry says FB Messenger Blasts can get 70-80% open rates in 60 minutes! (vs 5-10% for email and <1% of FB organic posts in the news feed).
  • Larry says re-marketing for searches (RLSA) triples click-through rates (which cuts the cost per click in half) and also triples conversion rates. A net $ benefit of 6x! The key to ads, he says, is brand affinity: customers who’ve heard of you before.

Don’t use the automatic ad placements for FB/Google Display network (due to click fraud). Create a unicorn slush fund (only use ads to promote your top 2% best performing content: ~10% CTR).

“Inverted unicorn” can get you $1.36 CPM, which is 20x lower than what you would expect to pay normally. Inverted unicorn: targeting people with completely unrelated interests with ads that connect the two.

Ex: email marketers who happen to love Michelle Obama, or marketers who are fans of GOT. For more info, you can watch the whole video with Larry here:

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