How to set up a Twitter bot

  1. create a Twitter account using phone or email
  2. apply for Dev account:
  3. ex: choose Hobbyist > Making a bot
  4. add a new email address (you can add “+” to the end of your current email address along with any text, right before the “@” sign:
  5. enter the verification code
  6. choose an app name, location, skill level
  7. answer “How will you use the Twitter API or Twitter Data?” 200 words minimum:

    Educational posts for beginners, every 7 minutes that repeat every 30 days. I will post tweets via AWS lambda in English. Nothing more complicated than an Excel sheet on the backend, written in Python.
  8. answer the following:
    1. Are you planning to analyze Twitter data?
    2. Will your app use Tweet, Retweet, Like, Follow, or Direct Message functionality?
    3. Do you plan to display Tweets or aggregate data about Twitter content outside Twitter?
    4. Will your product, service, or analysis make Twitter content or derived information available to a government entity? In general, schools, college, and universities do not fall under this category
  9. Agree to the Developer Policy:

By clicking on the box, you indicate that you have read and agree to this Developer Agreement and the Twitter Developer Policy, additionally as its relates to your display of any of the Content, the Display Requirements; as it relates to your use and display of the Twitter Marks, the Twitter Brand Assets and Guidelines; and as it relates to taking automated actions on your account, the Automation Rules. These documents are available in hardcopy upon request to Twitter.

10. Open the verification email and click the button link to confirm.

11. Go to the dev account. Create a project, describe it and name it. Give the app a name. You have 10 apps available per account.

12. Get your app keys and tokens to use in your bot code:

API Secret Key

13. Change permissions to read and write

14. Go back to keys and tokens to generate:

Access Token
Access Secret

Now you need to write a script using this info to create your bot and activate it!

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